Polling for the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) presidential elections has ended with unofficial results indicating that prominent lawyer Asma Jahangir has won the elections by 42 votes. According to an unofficial results of vote count: Karachi Asma Jehangir 73 votes, Ahmed Owais 67; Lahore Asma 419 votes, Owais 409; Multan Asma 44, Owais 45; Quetta Asma 42, Owais 29; Bahawalpur Asma 27, Owais 29; Islamabad Asma 124, Owais 29; Abbotabad Asma 17, Owais 11 and; Peshawar Asma 47, Owais 33. Talking to media, Asma Jehangir said those who are doing business at the name of justice will face defeat today.