LAHORE - District and Sessions Court on Tuesday gave the custody of minors to their mother after recovering them from the illegal custody of their father. As per details of the petition, Arifa Butt the petitioner alleged that her real sister 28 years old Tayyaba and her minors including Momina Aslam (9), Wasama (2) and Khadija only 24 days old were detained illegally by the respondent Muhammad Aslam of Mohni Road. The petitioner alleged that the husband of her sister (Aslam) was not man of good repute and was torturing his wife (Tayyaba) continuously without any reason. She further alleged that he also disliked his wife and his children. The petitioner prayed to the court that her sister and minors be recovered from the illegal detention of Aslam. The court in view of above appointed bailiff Zulifqar Ali and said detenues would be handed over to petitioner who shall produce them in this court on October 26, 2010. While the respondents counsel said alleged detenue Tayyaba along with her children was recovered from the house of her husband and as per consent she was allowed to go with petitioner. The same court also handed over the custody of two minors to their mother after recovering them from the illegal detention of their father. The petitioner Shamim Bibi had filed a habeas corpus petition in the court alleging that her children including Aiza, 10, Faiza, 8, Abdul Rehman, 5, Shuja, 2, and six-month old Fiza were in the illegal custody of her husband (respondent) Faizul Rehman. In view of above the court appointed the bailiff Sayed Tajammal to recover the alleged detenues from the respondents illegal custody. As per court orders the custody of minors Fiza and Shujaur Rehman was handed over to petitioner by bailiff. According to petitioners counsel who maintained that custody of remaining minors, Aiza, Faiza and Abdul Rehman was handed over to petitioner voluntarily by respondent also. Meanwhile in another habeas corpus petition, Hira Asim wife of Asim, resident of Mughalpura, alleged that her children Shah Hussain, 6, Shah Abdullah Ali, 4, and eleven-month old Shah Zain were in illegal custody of their father Asim (respondent) and they be recovered from his father alleged detention. The court appointed bailiff Muhammad Iqbal to recover the detenues and be handed over to the petitioner. The court orders said 'I can dispose this petition right now but to afford an opportunity to make reconciliation and for better interest of minors, I adjourn this petition for October, 26, 2010, and custody of two minors Shah Abdullah Ali and Shah Zain Ali was already handed over to petitioner by the bailiff.