ISLAMABAD The incumbent hierarchy in National Accountability Bureau has not taken back the decisions made by Deputy Chairman NAB Javid Zia Qazi in the capacity of Acting Chairman NAB, the position later declared unlawful by the apex court. Similarly, the steps taken by Prosecutor General NAB Irfan Qadir, whose appointment as Prosecutor General was declared illegal by Supreme Court of Pakistan, were not revoked in sheer violation of the apex court direction. Now in a fresh move the newly appointed Chairman NAB Justice (Retd) Deedar Hussain Shah had delegated all his powers to Deputy Chairman NAB Javid Zia Qazi and reportedly he was, once again, acting on behalf of the Chairman whose appointment was already challenged in the apex court. Sources in NAB informed TheNation that during the period when Deputy Chairman NAB Javid Zia Qazi had himself assumed the position of Acting Chairman NAB and Prosecutor General NAB Irfan Qadir was assisting him, a series of steps were taken including the fresh appointments, mass-scale transfers in the department and dropping of a number of cases and inquiries on the ground that the department did not have sufficient evidences to prove these cases in the court of law. Sources further said that under the law when the role of Javid Zia Qazi and Irfan Qadir as Acting Chairman NAB and Prosecutor General respectively was declared unlawful all their orders and decisions automatically turned null and void. But, practically, the decisions taken by these two figures in the department were not revoked and the postings made by these officials are still intact while the department was also silent on the issue of the cases withdrawn and inquiries dropped on their orders. Sources further informed TheNation that a number of inquiries against the people having close links with the people in the ruling coalition were dropped while process was initiated to drop some of the cases against some cronies of the rulers. Sources said that in the same fashion after the resignation of Naveed Ahsan as Chairman NAB a number of officials, who were considered as his close confederates, were posted out from the department by Javid Zia Qazi in his capacity as Acting Chairman NAB.