LAHORE (PPI) - The fish rates were skyrocketing this season due to shortage of supply in fish market. According to a survey in fish market situated at Bhatti Gate, the fish rates were as under: Raho Rs 225 per kg, Thaila Rs 170 per kg, Sanghara Rs 320 per kg, Sohl Rs 260 per kg, Baam Rs 250 per kg, Khagga Rs 100 per kg, Silver Rs 120 per kg and Malhi Rs 200 per kg. The wholesale traders also took 10 percent their share from the customers besides the actual price. The rates of 2 kg fish were different and depend on fish size, market sources observed. The market sources said that due to winter season, some 9,000 kg fish is being sold in wholesale market on daily basis. Sardar Azhar Jhabail, a wholesale trader and general secretary Fish Market Traders Association, told that flood has damaged the fish farms in Southern Punjab areas like Kot Addu, Rajanpur and Dera Ghazi Khan. He said that flood water has washed away the fish farms in affected areas. He said fish market traders were also facing financial losses due to flood because they had made investment in fish farms in shape of fish seed, diesel for water pumps, feed and he himself faced Rs 2.5 million loss due to flood, Azhar added. To a query he said government was not providing financial assistance to fish farmers after flood. If government gives interest free loans on soft terms, the farmers can restart their business for next year in affected areas. He said presently the fish was coming from Hafizabad, Qadirabad, Head Panjnad and Ali Pur Chattha. Yasin Butt, President Fish Market Lahore said that fish rates were very high due to short supply from the farms. He said that traders could not fulfill the demands of fish due to damages of fish farms in flood-hit areas. He said presently traders were buying fish from Burma and Karachi to meet the required demand and it was fear that fish would not be available after February in Punjab. Talking about the problems of fish market he said that traders were doing development work on self help basis and government was not paying attention to resolve the sanitation problem and alternate space for the market.