LAHORE - A psychic and so-called religious person instigated the 30-year-old woman to butcher her husband and 65-year-old father-in-law as it would be a great job and she would get an ideal holy reward for it. The widow who along with the man mercilessly butchered her husband and father-in-law inside their house in Misri Shah area on October 15, has confessed to the investigators that 'we did it to end all ills because they were morally corrupt. The police have also arrested the so-called religious person identified as Hafiz Irshad. Maimoona and Hafiz Irshad had hatched the murder plan after the woman agreed to kill her husband Saifullah and father-in-law Nazir Ahmed on the advice of Hafiz Irshad, who was imparting religious education to her kids as home tutor. She also told the police that her husband had developed illicit relations with her younger sister while her father-in-law had developed illicit relations with her mother. According to her, she could not tolerate this sin that they used to commit. About the modus operandi, the desperate woman told the police that she had mixed sleeping pills in large quantity in the food that she cooked that night (October 14) to serve her husband and father-in-law. Nazir Ahmed fell unconscious after eating the meal and in the meantime the woman called in Hafiz Irshad at her house and asked her to hide inside an adjacent room. Her husband, a medical representative by profession, returned home near midnight and also went to sleep soon after he ate the dinner. This was the moment when Mamoona and Irshad took out a dagger and butchered Saifullah and his father Nazir Ahmed when they were lying unconscious on their beds. The widow handed over cash and gold ornaments worth over Rs600,000 to Hafiz Irshad and asked him to flee from the crime scene. Three hours later, she staged the drama, contacted the police by phone and told the investigators that four robbers had barged into her house and fled away with looted booty after slaughtering her husband and father-in-law. After interrogating Hafiz Irshad, the investigators revealed that the man had also developed illicit relations with the woman and wanted to tie his knot with the mother of two. Therefore, he misguided the woman and managed to convince her that killing of her husband and father-in-law would a noble act. She was inspired by him during his frequent visits as he used to convince her to do the noble act and kill her husband and father-in-law, as they were morally corrupt. After frequent conversation with Irshad, the widow started seeing dreams of heaven. That (dreams) proved enough for the woman to commit crime. Police are interrogating the woman in Kot Lakhpat jail while her two kids are residing with their grandmother after the death of their father and grandfather. In the wee hours of Friday (October 15), Saifullah and his father were lying in a pool of blood when police reached their residence situated in Farooq Gunj (Street No 10) area in Misri Shah police vicinity.