LAHORE The Lahore High Court Tuesday called for a report and para-wise comments from secretary health Punjab and other authorities on a petition filed in the public interest by a citizen regarding governments failure to curb dengue fever and other viral diseases. The petitioner Ahmad Ghani through Advocate Noshab Khan alleged that the government had shown indifferent attitude to the dengue patients at public hospitals. The counsel arguing before the court of Justice Sheikh Ahmad Farooq said that the condition of the patients was worsening due to recklessness and ill planning of the medical authorities, as the petitioner was already a victim of this deadly ailment. He said the petitioner visited various hospitals for medical treatment but due to inadequate arrangements and non availability of required medicines and beds in the hospitals, he was not admitted and sent back home without any treatment. He said the situation had become deplorable and getting worse day by day as number of confirmed dengue cases has reached nearly 2000 at present in Lahore. He said the government has miserably failed to rise to occasion and eliminate the mosquitoes spreading deadly disease. Since there was no vaccine to fight dengue, the rising number of cases requires that district coordination officer and managing director waste management Lahore must have adopted a strategy to control the vector (Aedes aegypti mosquito) that extended beyond the reliance on insecticide fogging or fumigation, but both these authorities failed to do the needful, Advocate Noshab said in arguments. He further said the DCO also failed to fumigate the City which caused an easy spread of the disease. The counsel maintained that the respondent authorities were duty bound to take all necessary measures to avoid this epidemic and eradicate this lethal disease on war footings, but they have miserably failed to take required preventive measures. He, therefore, prayed that the respondents be directed to provide necessary medical treatment to the petitioner free of charge and to take effective measures for the immediate eradication of the deadly disease. He also sought action against the respondents for showing gross negligence to control the situation. The judge after hearing the arguments directed the respondents to file reports and para wise comments within one week.