LAHORE - Federal Minister for Law, Dr. Babar Awan Tuesday said that his party wont allow one-sided accountability, which, he said, should be across the board without any discrimination. Talking to the media at the residence of one of partys founding members, Mazhar Marghoob at Shara-e-Fatima Jinnah, the law minister said that those living in big castles (an implicit reference to PML-N) should also be held accountable along with the PPP. He said PPP had promoted a new political culture in which cases had been registered against its party men while none was registered against political opponents. Speaking in the context of his partys latest move to mend fences with PML-Q, the minister said that PPP knew how to build bridges and demolish walls in politics. He said government would extend its reconciliation to other political forces as well, as politics was a game of exploring possibilities. The law minister said that PPP government was well aware of its responsibility to safeguard the federation. Awan said PPP had learnt a lesson from history and signed CoD with its worst rival PML-N. Again hinting at the PML-N, he said those not willing to learn from history wanted one-sided accountability. The PPP wants that in future no body should carry the dead body of a political leader on his shoulders, he observed. He said PPP was not afraid of jails, hangings and lynches, and no body could stop its caravan from moving ahead. He said PPP contested 2008 general elections without a leader and still got largest number of votes compared to other parties. He believed that his party would clean sweep the next general elections. Mr Awan said that elections for local governments would be held next year and PPP would not let any body seek their postponement under any pretext. Talking about Punjab Assemblys recent legislation on local governments, Babar Awan said he was subjected to undue criticism when he pointed that term of legislators had lapsed under the amended local government ordinance. Now they have rectified their mistake through another amendment in the said ordinance, he remarked. Replying to a question, he said government would only act according to the constitution while running its affairs. He was of the view that there was no provision in the constitution for any mid-term or short-term polls except by-elections.