LAHORE - The Jamaat-e-Islami on Tuesday said the PPP should form its single-party government in Sindh as a solution to bring an end to target-killings in Karachi. The advice given by party chief Syed Munawar Hasan in a news conference at Mansoora means that the coalition partners, the MQM and the ANP should be shown the door. He said the coalition setup was the root-cause of target-killings in the cosmopolitan city. He said the PPP should learn a lesson from its two and a half years experience and form its own government in Sindh, accepting the responsibility of protection of life and property of the people. In his opinion, the frequent visits of the Interior Minister to Karachi were not the solution to the killings. The JI chief said that the US, which was begging for talks with the Taliban, was trying to plunge Pakistan into a civil war by pressing for military operation in North Waziristan. This operation would not be in interest of the country, the armed forces and the North Waziristan, he warned. He said if the government opted for a dialogue, the real Taliban would step forward while the Blackwater and Indian agents operating in guise of Taliban would be pushed aside and an action against them would be easy. Blaming the Blackwater and the Indian agencies for the attacks at the shrines and other worship places, he said the motive was to spark Shia-Sunni and Brelvi-Deobandi clashes. He paid tributes to the people for foiling the enemy designs. He said every body was grieved over the bombing of the Data Darbar, Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine in Karachi and the Baba Farid shrine in Pakpattan. The people felt insecure but the rulers were contented simply by giving a statement that it was a suicide bombing. He said persons blamed for the suicide attack at Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine were later found alive. He said the Interior Minister must offer an apology on this misstatement. Munawar believed that half of the terrorist activities would be controlled only if some competent person was given the charge of the Interior Ministry. Referring to the US-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue, the JI leader said this was one-sided. He said the Foreign Minister and the Information Minister did not inform the nation why the US was objecting to Pak-China civil nuclear pact and about the progress made in this direction. He said in fact, the US did not like this pact although it had signed a nuclear pact with India. The US had also flatly refused to act as a mediator on the Kashmir issue, he noted. This was however a good sign because US was a strong advocate of India, he added. Condemning the detention of APHC Chairman Syed Ali Geelani, he said the veteran leader was the voice of the Kashmiris. The Pakistan government and the Kashmir Committee should openly support the Kashmiris freedom movement, he said.