A senior Taliban leader and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) facilitator was captured in Taliban birthplace Kandahar in south Afghanistan, the alliance said in a statement released on Wednesday, Xinhua reported. "The International Security Assistance Force confirmed the capture of a Taliban improvised explosive device (IED) senior leader known to construct suicide vests during an operation in Kandahar province Monday," the statement said but did not give his name. Intelligence reports led the security force to a compound north of Ejarab in Kandahar district to search for the targeted individual, it added. "The security force did not fire their weapons and they protected the women and children for the duration of the search," it emphasized. Taliban militants have yet to make comment.Kandahar, the birthplace of Taliban, has been the scene of increasing insurgency over the past couple of year.A joint of Afghan and NATO-led troops operation has been going on in parts of Kandahar since early September to ensure lasting peace there.