With the US mid-term elections just around the corner, a new survey shows public support for President Barak Obama has plunged into a record low of just 37%. According to the Harris Interactive opinion poll released on Tuesday, about two-thirds-67 percent-of Americans disapprove of Obama's performance on issues ranging from economy to job creation while only a third of people think the Democrat leader has been a successful president. The steep fall in Obama's approval rating is considered the worst ever since he took the reins of power in Washington.The figures have also invoked the specter of a defeat for the Democrats' candidates ahead of the US mid-term election due on 2nd November. The survey indicates that Obama's job approval has significantly plummeted even among fellow Democrats, with 34 percent of them admitting they are not satisfied with the president's handling of the country's affairs. Moreover, nine out of every ten Republicans have said they are disappointed with Obama's performance. According to the survey, only one-third of Americans believe their country is on the right track. The fall-out comes as many experts believe Democrats' grip on power in Washington is at the stake in November elections due to a slew of government failures in tackling the economical problems in the United States. A recent opinion poll conducted by Gallup had previously revealed that more than half of American voters would not support the re-election of Obama.