BAHAWALPUR          -      By The Way, a growing, revolutionary fashion house, has opened store in the princely state, Bahawalpur.

This event served as an opportunity for the people of Bahawalpur to view the trendy and contemporary collection and experience fashion on a whole new level. By The Way is a dynamic fashion brand which has gained grounds in a very short time span by providing superior quality clothes to its customers at economical prices. The brand has always been able to flout convention and come up with bold, distinct designs to empower its audience.

Speaking about the launch of their new store in Bahawalpur, S M Nabeel, Director of Din Industries Ltd., a parent company of BTW, said: “After the impressive response we received from the store in Peshawar, we were compelled to open another flagship store in the ancient center of Pakistan, to broaden the company reach. By The Way brings in the elements of its inspiration into its collection and accessories to deliver the popular culture in the form which will definitely appeal the audience of Bahawalpur.” BTW is an all- inclusive fashion brand offering trendy and vibrant clothes for girls on the go and encourages self-expression in women through their fashion choices. The brand offers bold designs and flattering cuts to encapsulate fashion in unique designs. BTW aims to provide its customers with a fun and quirky range of clothing and accessories so that they can epitomize themselves in a modern image. BTW currently has four stores in Lahore located at M.M Alam Road, Y Block DHA & Packages mall and Emporium mall. In addition, this brand has stores in Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan and Karachi.