Lahore - Adopting a futuristic approach, Tevta and Aptma agree to form a ‘Textile Sector Council’ for a better coordination between the two organisations.

 An understanding was reached during a meeting between Chairperson Tevta Ali Salman Siddique and Chairman Aptma Adil Bashir. Representatives of both bodies including Tevta COO Akhtar Abbas Bharwana were present.  Ali while addressing the meeting said that Tevta was poised at running courses to meet the the needs of industry and  job placements.

Ali said that formation of Textile Sector Council comprising representatives of Aptma and Tevta, would formulate recommendations for the course modules and training schedules as per requirement of Textile industry for the next five years while Aptma would ensure job placements of Tevta trained work force modelled as per its demand and requirements.

Earlier, Aptma Chairman, Adil Bashir lauded Ali Salman coming forward  for ascertaining requirements of Textile industry and offering to train work-force as per industries requirements. He said that according to an estimate Textile sector would require close to 1.5 billion trained work-force during the next five years.

 APTMA through the Textile Sector Council would give TEVTA its requirements regarding the skill set , training modules and number of trained work-force required for modeling its trainees in accordance with it and Aptma would ensure job placements of workforce trained as per its