LAHORE - The federal government has, at last, reached the decision of relieving the NRO-beneficiary ministers and other high officials. As per reports, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, after continuous hearsay of a change in the government, has started working on the strategy of releasing pressure by sending the NRO-tainted ministers home, and he kept engaged in serious deliberations over the matter during the last 48 hours. Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Defence Production Abdul Qayyum Jatois controversial news conference left everybody in the government stunned. Well-informed sources say that PM Gilani has apparently succeeded in making the President House convinced that the pressure exerted by the news of change of government can be reduced if NRO-tainted ministers are shunted out. The proposal is also on the board that the prime minister should form a new cabinet so that any minister may not feel light. Political circles are of the view that the coming 48 hours are very important in connection with the changes in the cabinet. However, some ministers have already written their resignation, the sources said. It is also being said that the termination of some envoys and high-level officers whose names are present on the list of the NRO beneficiaries is also on the board.