The verdict of federal court in Manhattan on Thursday regarding Pakistani neuroscientist Afia Siddiqui in which she was sentenced to 86 years of imprisonment was a shock. She was mainly convicted for firing on US troops while in their custody although there were six other charges also brought against her. This whole story shows dark face of the so-called 'independent judiciary' Americans have always been so proud of. The Americans also proclaim themselves to be champions of human rights in general and women's rights too, don't forget. International human rights organisations have claimed that Dr Siddiqui was not an extremist and her young children were also illegally detained and interrogated in this saga by Pakistani intelligence. During her five years disappearance (2002-2007), she was allegedly abducted and tortured by US intelligence in the interrogations on various allegations which appear to be trumped-up at best. Amnesty International and other European human rights organizations also had reservations on her trial but the US authorities carried on with the prosecution in total disregard of international human rights organizations' views. The decision of New York court has given a message to the world that there is no justice for people from elsewhere in American justice system. That would not be well received anywhere. -DR SAIFUR REHMAN, Jamshoro, September 25.