During his second premiership, Nawaz Sharif had gaffed at least thrice on crucial occasions. He was unable to handle the military chiefs, arm-twisting Jehangir Karamat to resign from dual portfolio of Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and the Army Chief. Then, he went on to follow the 'recommendation' to appoint his close associate Musharraf as his successor by superseding two senior generals in the line. Lastly, and perhaps most fatally, he administered the oath to his loyalist General who did not even have service in a fighting arm of the Army. There is a set precedence in the Pakistan Army that the appointed COAS must have that. And mind you, Nawaz Sharif was doing all this while sacking his sitting COAS Musharraf. Had General Karamat been allowed to retain his office of the CJCSC while he was being replaced as Army Chief, the situation would have been different. General Butt, in any case, was a weak choice because of his non-fighting arm service omission and that is why he did not have the links within the top brass to gather support for his own appointment. The wrong choices Sharif made resulted in Musharraf's coupe becoming successful. -KHALID IRTEZA HASAN, Islamabad, September 25.