“See you later, alligator. After

a while, crocodile.”

–Bill Haley

I would insert a tongue emoticon if I could in the title, to curb out the obvious absurdity and give it a touch of intended sarcasm, but oh well.

A huge crocodile measuring to about 5.2m long was found in Queensland, Australia. The massive reptile was found shot in the head in the Fitzroy river in rock Hampton. The farm owner John Leaver, who happens to run a crocodile removal service, claimed this particular crocodile to be the largest one recorded in the state. Further claims made by Leaver were that the largest ever crocodile he caught was 4.95m long and the one shot was similar in size to reptiles caught in the 1930’s to 50’s.

Another crocodile named Cassius was captured 3 decades ago and was about 5.48m long and currently is an inhabitant at the Green Island farm in Queensland. However the largest one ever caught was 6.16m Philippine crocodile with an extremely self-explanatory name ‘Lolong’, it died in 2013.

While crocodiles remain to be dangerous predators they only attack if a person is interfering in their habitant and they feel threatened. Rather than shooting what happens to be a great and unique example of a successful evolution, one should steer clear of a potential attack from them.