LAHORE     -    Punjab Finance Minister Hashim Jawan Bakhat Thursday instructed the irrigation and agriculture departments to jointly chalk out the water requirement estimates for the crops in the different districts of province in order to evolve need based water distribution formula. Chairing Chief Minister Special Monitoring Unit meeting for quarterly progress of the irrigation department, he said that the agriculture sector plays a pivotal role for economic revival of the country. He said preserving rainwater by constructing the small dams and stopping the irregular usage of water in farmhouses, canal water theft were the responsibilities of the irrigation department. The meeting was attended by Minister for Irrigation Mohsin Laghrai, Minister for commerce and trade Main Aslam Iqbal, Advisor to CM for Economic affairs and development Dr Salman Shah, Head CM SMU Fazeel Asif and secretaries of concern departments. The minister said that reducing the farmers’ problems and cost of production and making crops profitable in accordance with the areas and both are priorities of the government and working on it. He said proper utilization of water can irrigate barren lands which will gradually increase productivity. He instructed the secretary irrigation to utilize departmental resources for repairing and maintenance work of the canals. He stressed the need of research and development work and provides the experts’ opinion to the farmers for water utilization. Irrigation Minister Mohsin Laghari said that proper monitoring and implementation was crucial for the success of the small dams and controlling the water theft. He said that installation of the solar system on canals can provide electricity across the province. Mian Aslam Iqbal said that distribution of water was major issue of the farmers. He said the department should utilize additional resources to facilitate the small farmers.