Islamabad        -      PML-N Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal has asked Election Commission of Pakistan to urgently pursue cases of money laundering through 18 fake accounts of Imran Khan because PML-N suspects that Khan is compromised because of being sponsored by anti-Pakistan lobbies through these accounts.

Talking to media outside Election Commission Office in Islamabad, Ahsan Iqbal along with PML-N Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb and Barrister Shahnawaz Ranjha, said Imran Khan had done all he could to hide and snub proceedings of this case which was a proof that he did not want the truth to be revealed.

He pointed out that the so-called prime minister had been trying to brush the PTI foreign funding case under the carpet. He said Khan pleaded to the court that proceedings of the case should be kept under wraps which the court rejected. Now, he wanted to plant hand-picked chief election commissioner and members of the election commission, in violation of Pakistan’s constitution, to influence the case proceedings in his favour, he added.

Ahsan said constitution of Pakistan clearly states that these positions could not be filled without a meaningful consultation and agreement with the leader of the opposition.

This has been the practice in the past as well, he said. The PTI leader had not once even tried to talk to the opposition leader over the issue let alone seeking consultation, he said, and added that Khan was risking a constitutional crisis in trying to achieve this.

The former Federal Minister Planning question as to why is a sitting MLA of the RSS-minded BJP among one of those who deposited loads of money into these hidden 18 bank accounts, He said Imran Khan boasts of being the cleanest and the most pious leader of Pakistan whereas he is the biggest money launderer in the history of the country.

He said PTI and its ring leader Imran Khan had not disclosed these 18 accounts as part of his campaign finance and continued to utilize the money in these accounts for his party and personal use. This explains how a 300 Kanal mansion at bunny Gala was run with such lavishness, he added. He demanded an immediate, independent, transparent forensic audit of all these accounts and stressed that all these investigations must be made public so that the people of Pakistan can see the true face of Imran Niazi.

Ahsan said PMLN has reason to believe that the slowing down of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the unimaginable plundering of National Economy are part of the agenda which Khan is obligation to toe because he is compromised by the illegal billions poured into the 18 fake accounts by anti-Pakistan lobbyists.

The PMLN Central leader said Khan should apologize to the Armed Forces of Pakistan and the people of this country for leveling such heinous allegations such as training Al-Quaeda. He said the brave servicemen of this country have laid down their lives to protect this country against terrorism and terrorist ever since the country’s inception and to allege such damning notion is highly condemnable. This is the same person who said that Pakistan’s intelligence agencies were carrying out ops in Iran.

“Khan has insulted the sacrifices made by the Army with these statements. All this statements, severely damaging to Pakistan’s image, reputation and future in the committee of nations appears to be tied to the foreign funding which Khan so desperately wants to hide and is willing to even violate the country’s constitution for ”, he said.

Imran Khan, Ahsan said, has become a clear and present threat to Pakistan’s sovereignty and reputation which the country cannot afford at any cost. PMLN is confident that an independent, transparent and public inquiry and prosecution of the foreign funding case will blow the lid off Khan’s actions that have landed Pakistan into unprecedented economic and strategic turmoil, he concluded.