LOS ANGELES GN - Rihanna unveiled her new Fenty collection at Paris Fashion Week.

The ‘Diamonds’ hitmaker showed off her new workwear-inspired collection at the annual fashion event, which will launch on September 26 on the Fenty website.

The new collection is a see-now-buy-now one and also features graphic t-shirts and a selection of denim pieces as well as a black turtle neck jumper.

Meanwhile, Rihanna previously revealed she wants women to feel their ‘’sexiest’’ in her clothes.

She said: ‘’The most important message is that this a line designed by a woman for women. It’s for women to feel their sexiest, their boldest, their most feminine, their most masculine, their most, period.

‘’I’m a curvy girl, and if I can’t wear it myself, it’s not going to work. I need to see how it looks on my hips, on my thighs, on my stomach - does it look good on me or only on a fit model? It’s important.’’

Rihanna has adopted a direct-to-consumer capsule approach to Fenty because she doesn’t want to ‘’tease’’ fans with previews of the clothes months before they go on sale.

She added: ‘’There is no six-month wait, you get it when you see it. There’s no tease. You see it, love it, and want it and that’s because I’m like that, I want things right away.’’

The 31-year-old singer is involved in every aspect of her clothing business.

Jaheel Weaver, her junior creative director, said: ‘’She picks every single fabric, she picks every colour variation, every detail.’’

Whilst another of the brand’s designers, Matthew Adams Dolan, added: ‘’A lot of people would think of her being quite hands-off. In reality, she is very attached and involved in every single decision. It’s about a relationship. That is one of the things that sets her apart, the idea of family.’’