Lodhran - Children should be given awareness regarding “good touch and bad touch” as eliminating the mental, physical and sexual torture on children is a collective responsibility, a police officer said.

“Sexual exploitation of children is becoming a big problem in our society,” said District Police Officer Malik Jameel Zafar while addressing a seminar at Cambridge School Goghran regarding the eradication of sexual exploitation of children. In the seminar a large number of students participated, the seminar was conducted by Social Organisation Bedari to spread awareness regarding the physical, mental and sexual exploitation of children. The DPO said, “Today is an important day as on this day we have talked to our children regarding physical, mental and sexual abuse. We belong to different time and when we opened our eyes, the situation was different, our time was not of Information technology, every coming time is better than the last one what we have learnt so late you have learnt it so early.”

Sexual exploitation of children is becoming a big problem in our society, DPO says

He said that knowing things is not important however getting knowledge about things and complete control over them is very important, first there was a joint family system in which uncles, grandfather, father all would live in the same place and everyone in the society had connections with each other and that were responsible for the character of each child anyone would ask about whereabouts kids. He added now time has changed and now social control is not as strong that is why awareness for the children is necessary.

He further said, “Body of every child is a valuable asset for them and it your own property and only you have right. Our society has few people with sick mentality due to them our children are not safe, no one can touch you without permission, nobody can touch or hug you.” He directed children, “if someone older than you try to befriend you then do not go near them and if someone sees you with bad intention then you should know how to protect yourself and if someone harasses then inform your parents or teachers and If you think that no one is listening to you then inform Police on 15, Police will support you every way.”