ISLAMABAD - Special Assistant to Prime Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan Saturday advised the PML-N spokespersons that instead of counting trees, they should count the amount plundered by their leaders and make arrangements for its return in national exchequer.

In a statement issued here, Dr Firdous said that elements defeated and frustrated in counting of votes during elections have now started counting trees for political gains, but they would also face frustration and defeat on this count.

She said that report on billion tree tsunami was a political conspiracy hatched by the opposition.

She said after filing application by Nawaz Sharif in the court seeking permission to go abroad the cat has come out of the bag. She said the real facts were now in front of the public proving that Nawaz Sharif had no pain in the heart rather his pain was for power.

Dr Firdous said that Nawaz Sharif and his team were the biggest liars who claim that they do not want to go to London but submitted an application in the court seeking permission to go there.

She said the spokespersons of PML-N, instead of counting trees, should inform about how the Nawaz Sharif’s heart condition improved after getting bail and why he had not been admitted to a hospital yet?

She said the government’s political opponents, unilaterally visited the tsunami trees and the report prepared by them was not based on facts.

The opposition, she said, had no other issue, so they were trying to politicise tsunami trees project.

She said that the whole world knows that those who visited tsunami trees were worst political opponents of Prime Minister Imran Khan, adding it was a political drama on the pattern of the recent drama staged in Peshawar during anti-polio campaign.