LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has demanded strict action against those responsible for worsening the power crisis, and pushing Punjab into darkness due to negligence and corruption in 900MW power projects in the province. Criminal negligence has been demonstrated in the power projects of 450MW each in Nandipur and Chicho Ki Malian, which is a deep conspiracy against Punjab and Pakistan. Due to delay in these projects, most areas of Punjab remained in darkness and industries were closed and now the nation has to bear an additional expense of Rs20 billion on these projects, he said, while requesting the prime minister to take those persons to task who caused delay in these projects and punish these criminals of the nation, even hang them so that it serves as a deterrent. He was talking to mediamen here on Saturday on his return to Lahore from the Council of Common Interests (CCI) meeting held in Islamabad the same day. His senior adviser Sirdar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa was also present on the occasion. Shahbaz Sharif warned, If action was not taken against these criminals of the nation, we will raise voice at every forum and expose them and recover the looted money of the nation from them. Giving details of the projects, he said the power 450MW Nandipur project had to be completed a year ago and the machinery of this project worth billions of rupees was lying in the godowns of Karachi on which heavy demurrage was being paid. He mentioned that this project was being executed by a Chinese company and it should have become operational in the beginning of this year. The file of this project remained pending in the law ministry for the last about two years and the required letter could not be issued by the finance ministry due to non-payment of bribe. The same situation is of the 450MW project of Chicho Ki Malian. This project had to be completed by next year but this project also has been delayed for further two years due to criminal negligence. These projects remained pending due to the hurdles created by law ministry, and had these projects been completed within stipulated time, the Punjab would have got substantial relief from loadshedding, he observed, adding that Punjab was made a target through delaying these projects due to which factories were closed and irreparable loss was caused to exports. Not only huge loss was caused to the industrial and agriculture sectors due to the delay in these projects but hundreds of thousands of people were also deprived of their livelihood. To whom people of Punjab should hold accountable for this economic murder? he questioned. Shahbaz Sharif was of the considered opinion that investors and industrialists were transferring their capital and the country was being pushed into darkness under a conspiracy. The nation is in need of every watt of electricity whereas plundering and corruption is rampant in the country. A conspiracy has been hatched against agriculture and industry, and against 180million people of Pakistan including the 100m people of Punjab by delaying power projects of Nandipur and Chicho Ki Malian, he said, while mentioning that he had been persistently talking up the issue with the prime minister, and on Saturday succeeded in getting the approval of these projects in the CCI meeting. Now the country will have to bear the additional expenses of billions of rupees due to delay in these projects and it is impossible to pay the cost of negative impacts caused to the economy of the country. Who should be held responsible for these losses of billions of rupees, and the criminal negligence? he quizzed. During the press conference, Shahbaz Sharif did not reply a question about Shahbaz Taseers abduction, saying that he would talk on the subject at some other time. However, as per sources, he held a meeting with senior police officials at the lounge of the Old Airport who were waiting for him prior to his arrival.