Rangers search operation in Lyari ended successfully on Sunday with 20 arrests and closure of torture cells. Heavy contingents of Rangers took part in the 6-hour operation launched in the early hours. The operation particularly focused on Nauabad and Baghdadi neighbourhoods of Lyari. Twenty suspects have been arrested in the operation while two torture cells have been shut. After the culmination of the operation, the Rangers let media representatives see the torture cells first hand. One cell was underground while the other was on a first floor in the same area. Chains, cellar tapes for gags, ropes and some documents were seen lying scattered in the torture cells. In addition, Rangers found a huge cache of arms in a house. The arms were hidden in a ditch in the house, which the Rangers dug out and seized. The Rangers credited credible intelligence for the success of the search operation. Ealsewhere in the city of Karachi, at least two dead bodies were found in different areas, while a cracker blast was also reported. The bodies were stuffed in gunny bags, a mark of target killers who have either been shooting people dead randomly or dumping dead bodies after abductions. One body was found in Baldia Town and another in Sadar. Rangers have been deployed at entrance and exit points of Lyari. The Rangers have started snap checking in different areas.