LAHORE - A constitutional petition was filed in the Lahore High Court here Saturday against alleged billions of rupees corruption of Pakistan Railways high-ups, selling of 400 locomotives in scrap and import of Indian railway engines on lease. Petitioner Advocate Ilmuddin Ghazi has lamented the current highly deplorable condition of Railway, saying: The PR, the profit earning department of the country in the past, is on the verge of collapse and being shut down due to respondents namely DG Walton Headquarter Behzad Mahmood, Chief Controller (Purchase) Lahore Yasmin Gandapor, former Chief Electrical Engineer Saeed Akhtar, GM&S Naeem Iqbal, DDS Lahore Division, Aslam Gondal, DGM Furrukh Taimur. The petitioner argues that 12 top officials of the PR are the actually responsible for the present state of the affairs in department as they committed unprecedented corruption and looked for their own personal interests in every transaction and deal. He said inquiries have been closed down against these officers under influence notwithstanding the fact the department is facing Rs 35 billion loss every year only for the closure of freight system on account of them. Citing some examples, the petitioner alleged that Bahezad Mahmood stopped purchase of mobile oil through the tenders because he was not offered bribe and that is why, he allowed used oil to be put in the engines which rendered scrap 38 locomotives valuing Rs 20 billion. He alleged that Babar Khili obtained Rs 50 million bribe only in one transaction about the purchase, while one Muhammad Hamayun bought for Rs 120million the goods which actually worth Rs 25million and Saeed Akhtar sold out 163 tons of copper and dozens of vehicles of the department for only Rs 28 per kg. Captain Asif on being exposed in corruption has proceeded to Umra while he is making efforts to get two years long leave. Aslam Gondal got a substantial amount as gratification to provide on lease Railways land in Lahore Division valuing more than Rs 45 billion while Furrukh Taimur also got a considerable share of money in the allotment of official residences and houses in Mayo Garden. The petitioner alleged that the PR is suffering from Rs 50 billion loss every year while the corrupt officials are continuing to rule the roost despite the fact they face corruption cases. He said former GM Ashfaq Khattak had directed inquiries against all the said corrupt officers, but no headway has been made so far against them and inquiries have been thrown on the backburner. He said political influence of the said officers is the main reason of their safety and constitution in the office to perpetuate malpractices. He said regrettably the federal government is also closing its eyes to all that. He said in this situation now these uncrowned kings of corruption are endeavouring to sell out as scrap as many as 400 engines to get on lease 50 on lease.