A triumphant senior George Bush during 1992 presidential electioneering boasted, We have changed the world. We have dismembered the Soviet Union; we will lead the world through our 'New World Order. Senior George Bush not only lost the race for presidency in 1992 to Bill Clinton but his planned World Order has started crumbling globally. The concept of 'Free Market Economy is gradually evaporating as the events set in motion worldwide. To my surprise there were protests in Latin American country of Chile. Surprising protestors rejected current constitutional system and demanded new constitution with welfare for the people by the government and of the government. Students and Workers are the engines for fresh series of violence and protest in Chile. The Workers United Centre of Chile staged a nationwide two-day strike on August 24 and 25. During the strike, four separate marches took place in Santiago, as well as additional protests across the country. According to union officials, a total of about 600,000 people were involved in protests. On the 24th, upwards of three hundred people were arrested, with six police officers wounded in Santiago, where protesters constructed roadblocks and damaged cars and buildings. On the 25th, another 450 people were arrested with several dozen reported injured. In Santiago, police forces used tear gas and water cannons on protesters at the end of the demonstrations; earlier, some protesters had thrown stones and started fires. According to Claudio Urrutia, an official at the Workers United Centre of Chile said that the Chilean government is a right-wing government that has demonised social demonstrations. This government doesnt seek dialogue. We have to change the tax regime in this country. According to Labor Minister Evelyn Matthei, unions had refused to begin discussions with the government, and she was working actively trying to resolve problems in education and in labour and many problems that come from the past. Chile is located in the armpit of the United States. Trends being set in Chile will certainly have their impact on all the ABC countries-Argentine, Brazil and Chile. Likewise the new World Disorder started unfurling in Africa and the Middle East from March last. The events are designed by the world players but without or with desired results. When Senior George Bush, being a former Director of the CIA, designed his new world order no doubt the United States had no enemy across the world. Worry of Californian conservatives or Republican Guards remained how to name new enemies to augment domestic weapons and petroleum industries. Saddam Hussein of Iraq was given a nod by the United States to capture Kuwait in 90 with a greater design to first go for Gulf War and later to occupy Iraqs oil. The United States did what it had planned. Senior George Bush though out of Oval Office remained a powerful player. I remember his boasting around while garnering oil sheikhdoms; this speech has often been cited as the US administrations principal policy statement on the new order in the Middle East following the expulsion of Iraqi forces from Kuwait. ... Tonight I come to this House to speak about the world the world after war. The recent challenge could not have been clearer. Saddam Hussein was the villain, Kuwait the victim. To the aid of this small country came nations from North America and Europe, from Asia and South America, from Africa and the Arab world, all united against aggression. Tonight in Iraq, Saddam walks amidst ruin. His war machine is crushed. His ability to threaten mass destruction is itself destroyed. His people have been lied to, denied the truth. And when his defeated legions come home, all Iraqis will see and feel the havoc he has wrought. And this I promise you: for all that Saddam has done to his own people, to the Kuwaitis, and to the entire world, Saddam and those around him are accountable. All of us grieve for the victims of war, for the people of Kuwait and the suffering that scars the soul of that proud nation. We grieve for all our fallen soldiers and their families, for all the innocents caught up in this conflict. And, yes, we grieve for the people of Iraq, a people who have never been our enemy. My hope is that one day we will once again welcome them as friends into the community of nations. Our commitment to peace in the Middle East does not end with the liberation of Kuwait. So tonight let me outline four key challenges to be met. Agenda of Senior George Bush never remained unfinished. It was finished by his son Junior George W Bush with the launch of two more wars Afghanistan and Iraq. During all the period between 1987 (end of Soviet Empire) to 2011 end of US Super Power, results should have been favourable for the US futuristic planners but what happened during way; over-estimation of United States power and totally underestimation of rest of the nations. If the smaller nations are crying today so the United States New '.World Order. I have appropriately termed it New World Disorder. In my mind is President Obamas worry. During every inch of his Presidential campaign he is being checked by Republican Hawks. In my mind is Rick Perry, a candidate for the US Presidency. Current Governor of Texas. Texas governors biggest challenge could come in trying to win the Republican nomination without defining himself out of the general election. Perry has served more than a decade as governor of the Lone Star State and knows what it takes to win there. But he is on less familiar terrain as he moves to the national stage. In both style and substance, he will be measured differently from ever before, as the opening days of his presidential campaign have shown. His candidacy has begun with great promise and anticipation. Overnight, Perry has been identified as the Republican who may be best positioned to challenge the current front-runner, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, for the nomination. Perry is a robust conservative in a GOP in which the tea party movement and social conservatives hold great sway. He is also a leader with the potential to appeal more to the party establishment, but perhaps only if he can convince Republicans that he is the most electable of their candidates. Another likely presidential candidate is raising female GOP star: Bachmann, the first-ever Republican congresswomen from Minnesota. Termed as a top tier Presidential candidate for 2012 race for the White House Bachmann is being considered canny politician. The piece notes that Bachmann has a record of errant statements that are forgiven by Fox Nation but wont be if she makes them as the GOP standard-bearer. While the GOP is fielding mostly WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) with an election promise of Health, Education and Welfare scheme. The Economy so inherited by first Black President Obama is facing an unprecedented crisis. Best of the best Obama lover say economy is in real bad shape. What the electorates getting edgy about their perks and privileges and of all the things Social Security. Dilemma Obama is facing of colour. From the start of his history-making tenure, the nations first black president took care never to be seen making policy or political decisions aimed solely or directly at black America. His position: He is the president of the whole country, focused on broad-based fixes to lift all boats. The race-avoidance strategy served President Obama well, helping him attract support from many whites while also mobilising African Americans energised by the powerful symbol of a black commander in chief. But a soaring jobless rate among African Americans and a newfound comfort by black lawmakers to criticise Obamas economic policies are prompting the White House to recalibrate and to focus more directly on the struggles of black America. The shift comes amid a growing concern among some Democrats that the stubborn economic conditions in minority communities might hamper efforts by Obamas reelection campaign to generate the large black voter turnout it needs in key cities to make up for his declining support among white independents. I disagree here with my former Editor Mushahid Hussain Sayed that the USA is today a country of Blacks, Yellows and Brown. No it is still striving to be back as a WASP headed United States with Super Power status. But with kind of global games being played the United States will not be able to control unfolding events across the globe. It was the US which almost made the United Nations completely impotent so where goes the concept of 'Uniting for Peace. An international anarchy will serve none.