OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Lailatul Qadar, the night of Divine blessings and mercy, was observed across the country including the City on Saturday with religious fervour and reverence. The Muslims all over the country including the City thronged mosques, imambargahs and shrines in their respective localities to spend one of the most important night of the holy month of fasting in praying to please the Almighty and to seek mercy and forgiveness. The Muslims offered Nuafals after Traweeh and listen to the special sermons of religious scholars about the religion, sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), importance of Ramadan and significance of Lailatul Qadar. The mosques brimmed with worshippers and ulema and khatibs highlighted the importance of last days of Ramadan. The management of mosques illuminated worship places as sign to mark the blessed night. The women spend the holy night while praying at homes to seek divine blessing and forgiveness of sins. Special meals were prepared at mosques and homes and every other engagement including shopping was cancelled on the day to devote fully for praying before the Almighty.