ISLAMABAD - After the installation of Akhtar Blund Rana as Auditor General of Pakistan, the PML-N leadership has readjusted its strategy and entered into consultation with their legal wizards on possible options including challenging his appointment in the apex court. Sources in the party informed TheNation that PML-N was all set to challenge the appointment of Akhtar Blund Rana but now in the changed scenario after he was sworn in as AGP, following the writing of the letter to President Zardari by the Chief Justice advising him to review his decision on Akhtars appointment in the light of his alleged murky and controversial character and the reply from President. Leader of Opposition in the N A Ch Nisar Ali Khan had openly opposed the appointment and as a mark of his protest and resentment he had dissolved all the special and sub-committees of PAC and even threatened to quit the body. slot of Chairman PAC in protest. The PML-N spokesman said that the party would come up with the formal reaction in a day or so but quickly added that the partys reaction would be within the precincts of Constitution and law of the land. These sources further said that the party would raise the issue with full voice at the forum of the Parliament and in this connection appropriate action would be taken in a day or so.