KARACHI Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Saturday contradicted the reports of some accused persons arrests at the Karachi airport involved in the murder of MQM leader Dr Imran Farooq in Britain. Malik was talking to the media persons at the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI). About the reports appearing in international and local media about the arrests made by the secret agency from the airport, the interior minister said it was a conspiracy to create differences among the PPP and MQM. It may be noted here that some reports appeared in the international media about the arrests of two people at the Karachi airport for being involved in the murder of Dr Imran Farooq. The arrests at the airport took place as a result of a tip-off by the British authorities and that the accused are in the custody of intelligence agency. Meanwhile, Rehman Malik said the political parties had been banned from collecting hides of sacrificial animal and 'fitrana during the holy month and Eid days. He claimed the decision had been conveyed to the political parties, who agreed to follow it because it is the right of people to decide themselves who they want to donate the hides of animals and money of fitrana. He also held meeting with the office-bearers and members of the KCCI and listened to their problems. The traders complained about the increasing incidents of extortion and life threats. He also ordered the police to remove the flags of political parties from the electricity poles and government buildings. If any flag was found on electricity poles after the deadline of 48 hours, strict action would be taken against the SHO of concerned police station, he added. Malik said the targeted action against the culprits would continue in the city. The police and Rangers could take action in all areas including Lyari against the criminals, target killers and extortionists on the lead provided by the intelligence agencies. He said though the target killers and extortionists use the name of political parties, they would be presented before the media after interrogation and investigation from the parties concerned. The interior minister said due to the effective measures of the government, the law and order situation had improved visibly in the city, however, the surgical targeted action would continue until the elimination of criminals and complete restoration of peace. Addressing the KCCI traders, he briefed them about the measures taken by the government and the achievements made so far in the ongoing surgical targeted actions against the criminals. Rehman Malik said the operation was being conducted in a transparent manner against every criminal. He said President Zardari had instructed him to cleanse the city from the criminals. He said police pickets were being set up in various industrial zones in the city for the security of businessmen and their investment. The interior minister assured the business community that government would discharge its duties by giving protection to life and property of the people. He dispelled the notion of any place of no-go-area in the city and said the citizens could go any where in the city freely.