Sania Saeed , a Pakistani performer who needs no introduction, for her name is imprinted on the hearts of Pakistanis owing to her unforgettable natural performances, is all set to make her appearance in a drama serial written by contemporary writer Saji Gul who with his modern classical plays is winning the hearts of Pakistani audience, two being his simultaneously running Iltija and O Rungreza.

To be released soon on Express Entertainment, the play is titled Pyari Bitto. The name does sound a bit typical and does not promise a story to look forward to, but the name of the writer expiates for everything.

The fact that it has been written by Saji Gul is enough to keep the people curious and expect an interesting story. Adding to the curiosity is Sania Saeed’s presence who has never chosen a weak script, evident from the fact that some of the most popular dramas of Pakistan like Sitara aur Mehrunnisa, Aahat, The Ghost, Sang-e-Marmar, Aseer Zaadi, Jhumka Jaan and Zaibunnisa are hers.

Keeping the reputation intact, this time it is the writer behind Sanata in whose play she will be working, who has earned his name as someone who knows psychology and develops rich characters, skilfully crafted with utmost care.

It is hoped that this duo of an intelligent writer and an intelligent actor will turn out to be another treat for Pakistanis and be a good addition to the commendable modern pieces of dramatic art  being produced.