KAMALIA - Chairman Standing Committee on Law and Justice Riaz Fatyana stated that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was closing all doors of corruption.

  Talking to media here, he said that new laws were being introduced to end corruption. He added: “Steps are being taken for the prompt delivery of justice in courts. Corruption had devoured roots of the country, but now Pakistan is moving in the right direction. The PTI government has made many difficult decisions after assuming power which has stabilised the national economy. The people of Pakistan support the PTI against corruption. The PTI government is resolving public issues on a regular basis, liberating institutions from political influence, and making them independent which has improved performance of the institutions.”


Assistant Commissioner Rao Tasleem Akhtar has achieved the target of planting 8,000 saplings.

The AC inspected the area along with Tehsildar M Abid and Municipality Chief Officer Ehtesham the other day. Speaking to the media on the occasion, the AC said that the target of planting 8,000 saplings to make the jungle greener had been achieved. He urged the public to participate in the tree plantation campaigns to safe environment from hazards.


A woman of Mauza Sultan-ke-Baghelay submitted an application to Kamalia Saddr police that Mashooq Ali had abducted and raped her daughter at gunpoint. The filed a case against the suspect and started investigation.