A lifting of the freeze on the death penalty was the knee-jerk reaction, a first step the Pakistan government took, in the wake of the Taliban’s brutal and gruesome attack. This was a step to cool down millions of angry, hurt and saddened Pakistanis who were demanding death to terrorists and nothing less. So far two convicted terrorist have been executed and more hangings are scheduled. But the million dollar question is, is this the right step, at the right moment, to tackle terrorism of this magnitude?

In my opinion, it is a good step for a short term as it gives a clear message that enough is enough. It is time to rid ourselves of them once and for all. These terrorists and militants are not people with whom one can sit and talk of peace. After the double hanging, the whole country is on high alert and we know that was neither the first nor the last attack. Those who believe that the Army has killed the seven militants, who attacked the school are mistaken. Those who think hanging militants will clean Pakistan from terrorists and terrorism are mistaken.

What we need is a mind change, the problem is bigger than we think. It is more complex and complicated. Some people agree with Mulama Abdul Aziz of Lala Masjid, who believes that Pakistan is a non-Islamic state, that its constitution is non-Islamic and that our army is killing innocent people in North Waziristan and Khyber Agency.

We are at war with extremists who do not believe in individual rights, who want to take over and impose their laws. We are at war with those who are brainwashing our people, creating division and hatred. We are at war with those who want us to remain in the Dark Ages. We are at war with a mindset who believe polio vaccine is haram! Unfortunately, there is no national policy against extremism. For politicians this is not important , it’s not on their agenda, nor their priority. How can they do it when they are the ones who play politics on issues like ‘Drone Attacks,’ chant ‘go home America,’ who talks about good Taliban and bad Taliban, who use blasphemy law for exacting revenge?


Karachi, December 23.