LAHORE          -           Punjab Assembly witnessed rare scene of adjournment of session on completion of agenda within 40 minutes on Friday.

Out of eight questions on agenda, six were disposed due to absence of movers while the one preferred not to ask any supplementary query, causing the proceedings during question hour on Zakat and Ushr Department to complete in just 10 minutes.

On the suggestion of an opposition legislator, the chair deferred discussion on annual report of Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) till Monday.

The session started one hour and 55 minutes behind the scheduled time with member panel of chairman Mian Shafi Muhammad in the chair.

To a supplementary question of PML-N’s Malik Arshad, Minister Shaukat Laleka said that the department has already constituted Zakat Committees in 29 districts. He said that the committees would be formed soon in remaining seven districts.

Expressing satisfaction over the department reply, PTI’s Momina Waheed preferred not asking any supplementary question. The remaining six questions were disposed off due to absence of movers, causing the proceedings on question hour to last just for 15 minutes.

After laying annual report of PPPSC for the year 2017, Law Minister Raja Basharat opened general discussion. He said that the PPSC was making recruitment purely on merit. This (PPSC) was one of the institutions that always follow merit and did not entertain recommendation of anyone, he said, adding, earlier the PPSC used to complete the process in 280 days that now was completing in just 52 days.

As the chair sought names of legislators desiring to take part in general discussion, even two present on the opposition benches did not come up.

PML-N’s Mehwish Sultana said that the opposition was not timely informed about the general discussion. She suggested postponing debate till coming Monday. On getting a nod from the law minister, the chair ruled deferring general discussion. PML-N’s Waris Kallu entered the House and desired taking part in the general discussion. Terming report a bundle of lies, he said that the treasury was not ready to listen to positive criticism with patience.

Law Minister said that these people always come late and that too only for marking attendance.

Minister for Prosecution Ch Zaheerud Din said that they (opposition members) were not interested in the House proceedings. Implicitly referring to the absence of Opposition Leader Hamza Shehbaz, he said that even those who were allowed to come on production orders were meeting outside instead of attending the proceedings. These people, he said, later complained about not only representation of the constituency in the House. The remarks led to exchange of harsh arguments between the minister and the legislator from the opposition.

On completion of agenda, the chair adjourned the session till Monday (December 30) at 3pm.