LAHORE The Cultural, Dramatic and Entertainment Society (CDES) of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Science and Technology (GIKI) will hold its 13th All Pakistan Performing Arts Festival in next month. The CDES is the oldest and the most prestigious society of GIK Institute aimed at promoting cultures, bridging gaps between various social and ethnic groups, creating awareness about intricate and sensitive issues, along with providing quality entertainment to the audience. According to the Chief Organizer of CDES, Rai Shahzaib Nazar, this cultural society follows the eternal philosophy of Propagating Knowledge in the form of Art. He said for that very reason, CDES recently staged a memorable Drama 'Writers Block at LUMS, Drama Fest 2010, which went on to win Best Technical Award, besides nomination in the categories of the Best Actor and the Best Serious Play, among 26 top performances by different educational institutions from all over Pakistan.