Federal Minister for Interior Rehman Malik on Monday again made it clear that word deadline is not written in Charter of Democracy and Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) is coalition partner of the government. Some people are politicizing this issue for personal political targets; Interior Minister expressed these views while talking to host of journalists. Benazir Bhutto gave the vision of reconciliation politics and present government is following the BB vision. He opine that after the hardships of PPP leadership we are undoubtedly pursuing BB reconciliation policy. He was of the view that we are politicians and discuss everything in political way. Rehman Malik said coalition government performed very well and MQM is PPP coalition partner and it would join cabinet sooner or later. Please stop blame game and politics of confrontation on Raymond Davis case as enough is enough, he argued. To a question he said, PPP would utilize its all energies to avoid such tendencies. PPP does not want to be involved in politics of allegations and counter-allegations, he added. Rehman underlined that it is the time for national unity and solidarity to meet the challenges being faced by the country on different fronts. He said that the government was committed to serving the masses despite all odds. The elements engaged in conspiracies would not succeed in their nefarious designs, he added. He said that Horse Trading would not be tolerated at any cost. Concerning inflation and upsurge in prices of Petroleum Products, he made it clear that is a globally and internationally hike hence to record their protest is not an enriching sign in this regard.