One heard of good soldiers' fading away' but unfortunately in most of the Muslim countries,the US and their western protege's would rather die with their 'boots on'.In our case one died with his' toshdan' on and the other called it his 'second skin'. Since dethroning of 82-years-old Hosni Mubarak the Modern Pharaoh, replaced with 75-years-old Gen Omar Suleiman, the Egyptian version of a Gestapo Chief, one would be happy to be an Egyptian general Generals in brotherly land of pyramids never retire even if they are sick and tired. They love the uniform so much that they even use it as a sleeping suit, which is round the clock service to the nation. After Mubarakwho is supposed to have amassed 30 billion, armed forces supreme council has been headed by 75-years-old field marshal who assumed control of the national affairs. Young Field Marshal Mohammad Hussein Tantawi commands the high sounding and high-profile Armed Forces Supreme Council. Julian AssangesWikiLeaks that did the hatchet job of most of the despots, called General Tantawi Mubaraks poodle. You would notice that ruling generals in Egypt are above the age of 75. Is it because of Egypt that the axiom 'dying with ones boots on was coined? An added advantage to generals in uniform in a Muslim country is our benevolent friends, the Yanks love for them. Hence generals' nine lives. MAJ (R) S ZAHID SALAM, Rawalpidi, February 24.