ISLAMABAD - The government after seeing the picture presented by the ministry of finance has finalised to increase petroleum prices in the country and a high-level meeting would decide the increase today (Monday). Sources said that ministry of finance told the government that there was no other solution to the problem of tackling increasing fuel prices in the international market. They said that the government was reluctant to increase petroleum prices in the past when MQM was pressuring to leave it alone and PML-N was threatening of starting a drive against the government if it did so. It is also pertinent to mention here that it was one of the ten points agenda presented by PML-N to reduce the petroleum prices. The MQM also supports PML-Ns stance on the issue and is against increase in oil prices. Earlier there was petroleum levy imposed on petrol and diesel that was used to fill the deficit, despite the fact that purpose of the levy was to develop and upgrade petroleum technology. The meeting that is going to be held today is very important and the government will be told again about the situation and it will have to take decision regarding increase in oil prices, the sources said.