The truth has come out at last, and it begins to make sense. Raymond Davis was most definitely CIA. And that explains why the Americans are so concerned about him that even the US President has pleaded for his release. It seems that Davis took over as acting country chief after the chief was sent home because he was exposed in a lawsuit. Of course, everyone knew that Jonathan Banks was CIA chief, but when he was named in that lawsuit, he was immediately recalled. The ISI has since reduced relations with the CIA, with the result that the CIA has started Drone strikes again. Actually, it doesnt seem to have made any difference because Davis arrest has not stopped the Drone strikes, and it seems that targeting information is getting through. This should remind Davis of the saying about the graveyards being full of indispensable people. Without him, the world, or rather American Drone strikes, are going on as before. However, things in Pakistan have become complicated. Faheems widow Shumaila has committed suicide, but her family is still having visitors. And the other person who was killed by Raymond Davis also left behind a widow, who is wondering what she should do. Perhaps she should do nothing. Not unless she wants her family to be persecuted. And then there is the third person killed that fateful day. Was he married or not? Will his widow come onto the scene? Obviously, Davis can tell a lot. And that seems to be causing concern not just to the CIA, which seems to be squeezing Obama to claim him on his own behalf. It must be galling to those who claim this region is the white mans burden to have Obama doing the claiming, with his being a coconut not enough compensation. Obama does not seem to be too sure about Libya, though, even though it falls on his fathers Continent, probably because while the USA would be happy to see the back of Muammar Gaddafi, it doesnt know what would come in his place. And while the USA gives military aid to Egypt, it doesnt to Libya, and thus doesnt really know enough about it, beyond its having colonels like Gaddafi around, but no one who outranks him. What did Pakistan want when it named a stadium after him? That was a long time ago, so we today have to believe that the people of Pakistan wanted to be shot up as the people of Libya are today. But now they dont, so perhaps the rulers of today should realize this, And should make way quietly, if their time comes. That will still leave us with the Gaddafi Stadium, which is where the PCB has its headquarters. Hmmm why not the Ijaz Butt Stadium? If it is anything like its namesake the Stadium should last till a long time past its expiry date. Or maybe it should be called the Imran Khan Stadium. I mean, if a politician can have a stadium named after him, why not name it after the cricketer who went into politics. Well, were having wintry weather, which should put a damper on the World Cup. Oh sorry, we dont have that any more. Well, a damper on Basant. Oh, were not having that either, by order of the government. The government seems to have decided against earning foreign exchange, but in favour of little children at risk of having their throats cut. Perhaps we shouldnt mourn the passing of Basant so much because even if it was not a Hindu festival, which it is, especially if we wear yellow, it is not worth it, not even if we earn oodles of foreign exchange, If we have to sacrifice children. But why not sacrifice them if their only fate, when they grow up and get married, is to be shot by someone from the CIA? This was also a week of arrivals, a week in which the Indian authorities found Rahat Fateh Ali Khan carrying around a lot of American dollars, which they dont like you taking out of their country. I must have misheard that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sang the investigators crazy, so they released him on the condition that he sing somewhere else. And near the end, Moonis Elahi also came back for his interrogation in the NICL case, but the FIA didnt seem interested, not with a juicy Haj scam to investigate. Besides, the police are more used to the Chaudhries of Gujrat being wanted in buffalo theft cases, like Moonis Elahis maternal grandfather, also his paternal great-uncle. Of course, the police is regretting the passing of the old buffalo theft case, with the WikiLeaks founder wanted for sexual assault in Sweden, a case like buffalo theft over here. But cases are the least of the problems of some people. PPP Punjab ministers are about to experience the worst of all fates, that of becoming ex-ministers, yet of remaining in the same House. And all because of a stupid agenda. If the agenda wasnt implemented, was it the fault of the Punjab ministers? So why are they being punished? All those who failed to implement the 10-point agenda retain their official cars, yet those in the Punjab are having the cars withdrawn, and are being turfed out of those official residences. But then, life isnt fair, is it?