ISLAMABAD - Jansher Khan, former world squash champion, had made a lot of tall claims by saying that Pakistan could regain lost glory in the field of squash if he got a chance to coach youngsters. But after his nomination both as advisor to Pakistan Squash Federation and national coach he is totally relaxed and is busy making personal tours abroad and if he finds some spare time, he gives interviews to different TV channels. It was hoped that a champion like Jansher will certainly help Pakistan get back the top rankings in squash and use all his experience in grooming the talented kids by visiting schools and colleges to find talent from the grassroots level. But instead of doing this he kept himself busy destroying the carrier of Pakistan No. 1 Amir Atlas Khan. Pakistan is already facing difficulties in producing quality squash players and if some one like Amir is banned or being punished for personal liking or disliking then God knows who is going to represent the country. The future of squash is looking bleak and tactics like this will further dampen the already sorry state of squash in the country. Jansher rather than getting involved in these pity issues must have to come up with some kind of plan to help boost squash not only at the national level but also at the international level. Jansher was always talking of non-serious approach of coaches before him and now when he is at the helm of affairs at PSF he is repeating the same mistakes. It is moral and national duty of Pakistan Squash Federation President Razi Nawab, who himself was an excellent player of squash, to direct Jansher to focus on grooming the talent, rather than involving in personal feuds. Every squash lover wants Pakistani players to be at the top of the world and as in the past Pakistan was known for producing world champions in squash, these people want them to regain their past glory, but this task is not an easy one and it will be made more difficult if these personal clashes continue. If Amir Atlas has done anything wrong even then Jansher as a true champion and coach of the country and for the sake of squash has to forgive him, and just like an elder brother talk to Amir and resolve the issue amicably. This act will further enhance his reputation and respect in the eyes of the juniors and will definitely help squash blossom. Already precious time has been wasted and now without any further delays Jansher must conduct a countrywide talent hunt programme to find the hidden talent across the country. Jansher can also seek the help and guidance from Jahangir Khan as it is not the matter of personal interests, it is a matter of promotion of squash and Jahangir Khan as a true Pakistani will not let Jansher down and will offer his services in best possible way to help revive the fast declining of squash in the country. The Squash Federation has to keep in mind the progress of Egypt, which is producing champion after champion in squash, then why Pakistan can't produce a quality player despite having legends like Qamar Zaman, Mohib Ullah, Rehmat Khan and so many other coaches who have produced great world champions for Pakistan.