LAHORE - Small and Medium Enterprises are unable to participate in the PASSCO tender for 50,000 metric tons sale of super basmati aromatic rice due to minimum quantity restriction of 10,000 metric tons which is beyond their financial resources. They have asked the Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation that by fixing the minimum quantity of sale at 10,000 metric tons it is indirectly playing into the hands of the big players and keeping the SMEs away. Due to this the small traders are unable to quote for 10,000 metric tons which is beyond their range both in terms of value and storage capacities. They said that 10,000 metric tons in terms of rupees would amount to Rs 600 millions which is not possible for SMEs to pay within the prescribed period of sixty days. They said the minimum quantity should not exceed 1000 metric tons to enable the SMEs to participate in the tender and offer level playing field to all the stakeholders rather than just offer opportunities to the big players to benefit in the transaction and promote cartels. PPI from Dubai adds: As rice prices have started going up, its export promotion bodies, producers and exporters from 69 countries including Pakistan, India, Vietnam, China, Egypt, USA, Guyana, Philippines, Japan, Mayanmar and Thailand will gather at a business-to-business (B2B) platform in Dubai. B2B will help traders avoid malpractices in rice trade. International Rice Research Institute IRRI, Rice Export Association of Pakistan, Punjab Rice Millers Association and others representing rice mill from Indo-Pak subcontinent will be active in Rice Dubai 2011 in second week of May 2011. It will showcase a Rice Museum featuring prominent varieties from around the world. Rice trade which has been distorted by export ban and other market imperfections will be coming together to initiate big deals, said Dony Crysil, Project Manager, Rice Dubai 2011. Rice Dubai 2011 will be first specialized trade fair for global rice industry. Ideal Events Management expect 10,000 trade visitors for first edition of Rice Dubai 2011.Rice International Conference & Exhibition will showcase major varieties, dealers, attract major rice producers, mills, companies who seek to expand client base and venture in emerging markets. Dubai accounts for 90% of rice re-export to GCC & Middle East. Major producers have opportunity to use Dubais competitive advantage, strategic location, shipping infrastructure, storage facilities, financing to expand operation to Middle East North Africa market. World rice trade is about 25 million tonnes per year, and more than 90% is grown and consumed in Asia.