LAHORE - Federal Minister for Law Dr Babar Awan Sunday said that PML-N feared defeat in upcoming Senate elections, due in 2012, and this was the actual reason behind its parting of ways with the PPP and demand for mid-term polls. Speaking at 'Meet the Press programme of Lahore Press Club, he said there was no provision in the Constitution for any 'short-term or 'mid-term elections, and people will not pay heed to such unconstitutional demands. He on this occasion also announced a grant of Rs 2 million for the Club. He argued that it was time to hold local bodies elections which would be followed by general elections in 2013. In continuation of his diatribe against PML-N leadership for its reliance on PML-Q turncoats after ousting PPP ministers from the provincial cabinet, He called for an end to what he described stealing the mandate of other parties through burglary. The ink of 18th and 19th Amendments had not dried up as yet that PML-N started the politics of Chhanga Manga, he observed adding, that there was no provision in the Constitution to 'hijack turncoats from other parties. He blamed Sharif brothers for introducing the culture of 'Chhanga Manga in countrys politics. Babar Awan said that lotacracy had been hallmark of dictatorscabinets. He said his party will not become part of any such move, and will, rather, foil all conspiracies against the politics of reconciliation and democracy.