LAHORE (APP) Resenting horse-trading, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has expressed the resolve to continue reconciliation policy for Pakistans security and sovereignty to strengthen the parliament and democratic institutions. I have been doing a consistent politics and attainment of power never remains my target because I am in favour of a system that can make the democratic institutions stronger, he said while talking to a journalists delegation from electronic media at his residence here Sunday. To a question, he said that he accepted the PML-Ns 10-point agenda with all sincerity and called upon the PML-N not to link it from provincial government. If PPP loses majority in Punjab, he added, it would prefer sitting on the opposition benches to horse-trading to gain majority, asserting, We are against change of heart or horse-trading. The issue of Punjab government should not be bracketed with vital national policy, which encompasses all issues, including those mentioned in the N-League agenda, he said, adding that the government was very much focusing on national issues and working to address these for the advancement of Pakistan and welfare of the masses. To another question, Gilani said that despite PML-N had parted ways with PPP-led federal government right in the beginning, the PPP had been running the government. The PPP government, while realising a sense of collective responsibility, took on board all its coalition partners on matters pertaining to countrys defence, security, foreign and nuclear policy and all other issues of national importance. The PPP-led coalition government, he added, had taken revolutionary steps, which a party having two-thirds majority could not perhaps take. The PPP-led government ensured the balance of power between the president and parliament, lifted ban on third-time premiership, he said citing the passage of the 18th Amendment, NFC. The prime minister said the PPP will continue playing its role effectively, no matter, whether it is in the government or in the opposition, as democracy does not mean to rule the people but it stands for serving the public. Politics is not a matter of one day but a day to day affair, and we will continue to adhere to the issue-oriented politics, he maintained.