LAHORE Discarded leaders of PPP Naheed Khan Abbasi and Dr Safdar Abbasi, while criticising the government for not properly investigating Benazir Bhutto murder case, have said the government has failed to satisfy the PPP jiyalas in Bibis assassination case even after passing three years and resentment among workers is growing. Naheed Khan and Safdar Abbasi were addressing a moot entitled 'Future of Pakistani Politics which was organised by a local club here on Sunday. She said tsunami of jiyalas can burst if the issue will not be handled properly as per their aspirations. Both the leaders, critic of President Asif Zardaris way of handling the Pakistan Peoples Party, were of the view that political stability cannot be achieved until and unless the political parties introduce democracy within their own ranks. The people and the PPPs workers are the victims of Noora Kushti (friendly fight) among the main political parties, Naheed said adding, no one can fool people now, urging the masses to come out for a revolution. She said the minority has captured the resources of the majority. Naheed said government should clearly inform the court about the status of Raymond Davis and let the court decide the fate of the American. No one knows how many Americans like Raymond Davis are working in Pakistan, she said. Criticising the government for 'playing with the peoples sentiments in Davis case, she said the Americans are not heavenly creatures and above the law to crush Pakistnis as and when desire. If the people of Pakistan want to hang Raymond, the government has no right to let him free, she stressed. The close aide of late Benazir Bhutto was of the view that establishment never wanted the country stable. Speaking on the occasion, Safdar Abbasi said the 18th Amendment in the Constitution is a great achievement of the government, however, he flayed what he said the things happening around. Abbasi said the government policies have brought the country on the verge of collapse. The instability due to delay in restoration of judiciary by the government still persists and recent clash between the two main political parties will add fuel to the fire and the crisis will deepen. He said terrorism and political and economic instability are the main reasons behind the prevailing crises. He regretted that his party has mishandled Bibis case and PPPs workers are furious. We are the ally of America in war against terror, but the US is supporting India for getting Security Councils seat. At the same time both (US, India) have entered into civil atomic agreement, he added. He said there is no real leader on the national scenario like Benazir after her assassination and now it is the responsibility of all the political parties to form a national agenda. The need is to make institutions strong and not individuals, he concluded.