LAHORE A 30-year-old woman was allegedly strangled to death by her husband over a family dispute. The mother of three was killed at the couples Nelum Block, Iqbal Town, residence, police said on Sunday. The deceased was later identified as Sabad. Police sources, however, believed that her husband Mohammad Waseem,in connivance with his brothers, killed her. According to the police sources, the couple often quarrelled over petty issues and every time they did so, the elders from both the sides helped reconciliations. On Saturday, the couple again fought with each other. Resultantly, Waseem, Mujahid and two women overpowered Saba and hanged her to a ceiling fan. She died soon after that, an anonymous neighbour said. After the incident the family, however, started making hue and cry that Sabad had committed suicide, but her brothers claimed she was murdered by her in-laws. Police have registered a case against four persons, including two women, with no arrests so far.