LAHORE The youngsters, mostly students of various universities, on Sunday staged a protest demonstration outside the Lahore Press Club against Raymond Davis (the killer of two Pakistanis) and demanded that the accused should be treated in accordance with the Pakistani laws. The participants of the protest demonstration, who were carrying placards and banners, chanted slogans against the US spy and in favour of Dr Aafia Siddiqui. The placards read slogans such as Murderer Raymond, Innocent Aafia and Stop Drone Attacks on Pakistani Territories. The protesters, who were led by Shoib Arif, said that they were holding protest demonstrations across the country in Karachi and Islamabad also. The protest was held under the umbrella of Pakistan Revolution Movement to which they claimed a collection of self motivated, patriotic individuals whose passion is to strengthen Pakistan and its people. On the occasion, they presented a set of demands before media men, they said: We demand Raymond Davis to be treated as per Pakistanis Laws and should be punished and sentenced in Pakistan as well as demand to Pakistan Government to talk with the US for the release of Dr. Afia Siddiqui. We want all American spy activities to stop at once and to eliminate all American spies from Pakistan, they added. We demand immediate stoppage of drone attacks. The Pakistan Government should control inflation and uproot the VIP Culture and feudal system. Government should cancel the membership of all MNAs, MPAs and Senators from their respective houses who have dual nationalities and bind all other members to transfer all their assets to Pakistan. We also demand economic and constitutional reforms and we ask [the authorities] to eliminate all laws which are against Islam. Import and sale of wine and interest-based banking system should also be eliminated, the protesters further demanded. The angry protesters demanded not to consider any type of foreign pressure regarding illegal diplomatic immunity to Raymond Davis and he should be trailed and sentenced here in Pakistan as per Pakistani Laws.