BAGHDAD (Agencies) - A car bomb ripped through a funeral ceremony in Baghdad on Thursday, killing 37 people and wounding dozens, officials said, adding that police who rushed to the scene were attacked by an angry mob. A car bomb that exploded outside a tent where mourners were gathered for a funeral ceremony killed 37 people, and 78 were hurt, a defence ministry official said. The toll was confirmed by an interior ministry official. The officials said that the attack took place in the predominantly Shia neighbourhood of Shuala in northern Baghdad. Police who rushed to the scene were confronted by an angry mob that beat them with volleys of stones, they said, adding that the military sent in soldiers to restore order. In other attacks around the capital on Thursday, five people were killed and 21 wounded by roadside bomb attacks while a bomb placed inside a minibus killed two people and wounded seven in Jihad neighbourhood. The funeral attack was the latest targeting Shias since a spate of car bombings last week killed 57 people outside Karbala in southern Iraq.