Anxious to avoid anti-American backlash from the action of a US consular worker who shot dead two young Pakistanis in Lahore, a State Department spokesman said Thursday Washington would cooperate fully as Pakistan investigates the crime. "Well, this happened within Pakistan. Theres a Pakistani investigation. We will cooperate fully," Philip Crowley, State Department spokesman said, confirming the American worker's involvement in the incident. "I can confirm that an employee at the U.S. consulate in Lahore was involved in an incident today," said Crowley, identifying the employee as "a U.S. national". According to Pakistani police sources, the American man opened fire at two persons riding a motorcycle on a busy road of Lahore. He reportedly told police that those two men were trying to rob him and he shot them in self- defense. But Crowley refused to give any further details on the shooting that occurred in a country where anti-Americanism has already heightened over civilian casualties inflicted by U.S. military operations along the Pakistani-Afghan border. We want to make sure that a tragedy like this does not affect the strategic partnership that were building with Pakistan, the spokesman told reporters. And well work as hard as we can to explain that to the Pakistani people, Crowley said.