ISLAMABAD The other day the city managers have came to know that the contractor, who is executing work on Rs48 million contract of the supply of furniture in Parliament Lodges and MNA Hostel, had submitted forged bid security worth Rs4.4 million in the shape of bank guarantees to CDA. Documents available with The Nation suggest the concerned officials of the Parliament Lodges and Hostel Directorate of the authority, had knowingly accepted the forged bank guarantee from the contractor and on the basis of fake guarantees the contractor had managed not only to obtain the contract but also withdraw substantial amount of money. Interestingly, the officials of the Parliament Lodges Directorate awakened from the deep slumber on January 14 and wrote to the manager of a commercial bank situated in Blue Area for the verification of guarantee but till that date the contractor had managed to withdraw Rs35 million of Rs48 million contract. Responding to the said letter the branch manager on January 24 through a letter denied issuance of any such guarantee on behalf of M/S Fine Furnishers Mart from the bank. Document available reads, The said guarantee is totally fake and required thorough investigation and strict action. The criminal negligence of the concerned officials is witnessed from the fact that according to defined rules they had to forwarded the guarantee to the bank to which it was drawn and only after being informed by the bank that the guarantee was genuine they had to go ahead to execute an agreement with the contractor. Sources in CDA alleged that the concerned officials had connived with the contractor in submission of the fake bank guarantee. Mukhtar Ahmed Deputy Director (Civil) of Parliament Lodges Directorate while talking to The Nation said he would refer the case of fake bank guarantee submission to CDAs Law Directorate for further action. When asked why the status of the guarantee was not checked with the bank prior to payment of advance money to the contractor, his answer was vague and said that the CDA kept with itself the amount for five percent of the total work done by the contractor. Its a matter of grave concern that the troika - Director Parliament Lodges Mian Mohammad, Deputy Director Parliament Lodges Mukhtar Ahmed and PS to Deputy Speaker National Assembly Mohammad Saadat are continuously backing the contractor. Earlier, the test result reports compiled by the Forest Products Research Division (FPRD) of Ministry of Environment exposed the substandard quality of wood used in the same Rs48 million contract. The letter wrote by the Forest Products Research Division on October 15, 2010 states, The wood samples provided by you (CDA) are sufficient only for the tests for identification of wood and moisture content percentage. The Division had asserted through a letter that the authority needed a total of nine tests not only two to judge the quality of wood. Responding this letter, Parliament Lodges Directorates Deputy Director (Civil) Mukhtar Ahmed Khan had insisted that the CDA required only two tests not nine. Interestingly, one out of these two tests also stood below the average when the Forest Products Research Division on October 18 dispatched a report, also available with The Nation, suggesting the percentage of moisture in the wood as 17 per cent.