LAHORE Terming case against Moonis Elahi false and politically motivated, former Punjab Chief Minister and central leader PML-Q Ch Pervaiz Elahi has alleged that the Sharifs were hatching conspiracies against his family. Addressing a Press conference here at Muslim League House on Thursday, he said that Moonis Elahi would appear before the court on his return to country next week. Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly Ch Zaheer-ud-Din, Idrees Hanif, Mian Munir and other party leaders were also present. Pervaiz Elahi said that case against his son was politically motivated while ,adding, that 'Sharif brothers are pulling all the strings. 'I have asked Moonis Elahi to return to Pakistan and face the allegations, he said while, adding, that Moonis was not involved in any wrong doing. 'We respect the courts and will continue to do so. PML-Q is not the party that attacked Supreme Court. Registration of fake cases against our family is not a new move. Cases from buffalo theft to murder have been registered against our family members but all proved false. It seems that Sharifs have not yet learnt a lesson from the past mistakes, he added. He said that Sharif brothers were doing the politics of revenge as they have registered over 200 cases against PML-Q leaders and workers. He cited the example of registration of case against 16 year old son of Ch Shafaat Hussain in which he was accused of abusing Punjab Chief Minister. Ch Pervaiz Elahi said that instead of giving any agenda to the Federal government, the Sharifs should bring the looted money back to the country, adding, the masses wanted to know that how they made property worth billions of pounds in London. To a question about the situation after lapse of deadline, he said that nothing would happen and the PML-N would continue to play the role of a friendly Opposition. He asked the government to initiate inquiry into the money laundering case of Hudaibiya paper mills. He announced his partys participation in the January 30 Namoos-e-Risalat rally against the proposed amendment in the Blasphemy Law. He said that PML-Q workers from across the Lahore Division would participate in the rally. He said that nobody would dare to amend the Blasphemy Law in the presence of PML-Q, adding, that Namoos-e-Risalat rally would prove a referendum against any amendment in Blasphemy Law. He said that the PML-Q would accommodate MQM in Punjab as it has very stronghold in some constituencies and obviously alliances and seat adjustments would be done accordingly.