The Supreme Court maintained that the number of missing persons is rising and the involvement of intelligence agencies is clear through evidence in this regard thereby making it easy to trace to the accused. According to a private TV, a 4-member bench, headed by Justice Javed Iqbal, heard the missing persons case. During the hearing, secretaries, Ministries of Interior and Defence also appeared before the bench and apprised the court of the progress made into the issue. Secretary Defence Lt Gen Athar Ali (Retd) told the court that the agencies were cooperating with the Judicial Commission and the SC in the recovery of missing persons and up till now 96 people have been recovered with their help. Interior Secretary Qamar Zaman was of the view that the country was engulfed in the terrorism wave and everyone knew the case of Hassan Shirjeel whose father declared him missing while he was with the extremists. Justice Javed said two more applications have been received about the missing persons adding that not everyone could come to the Supreme Court. The court ordered the Attorney General to present before the court the proof against police and agencies regarding the said case. The hearing was adjourned till February 03.