LAHORE A petition was on Thursday filed in the Supreme Courts Lahore Registry to seek court directions for the Army Chief to take steps to control law and order situation in Karachi, which may also include handing over the commercial hub of the country to the army. The petition, filed by Rana Ilmuddin, stated that it has become imperative need to call in the armed forces in aid of civil authorities to ensure security of innocent citizens as well as to flush out criminals who, he added, are ruling the roost in Karachi. The petition further urged the court to ask the respondent to take concrete measures to restore law and order situation in Karachi in three months, during which the anti-state elements should be stemmed out and the city deweaponised preferably through the armed forces, which he adds, may also help in a big way to bring peace to that city. The petition stated that Karachis security situation was worsening and that was reflecting badly on the national country. Earlier a petition filed by advocated M Tariq Asad, also on the same filed subject, before the Supreme Court. The petitioner has also requested the court to direct the government to impose a state of emergency in Karachi to eliminate criminals with assistance of the armed forces.